About me

As a young girl in my early twenties, I’m still studying. Currently, I’m doing social studies and going for my major in psychology. Even though, I’m studying hard, I just missed out on a scholarship. Luckily, I was offered an opportunity in modelling. Not the best paying job, but at least it allows me to go out, dress up nice and meet interesting and intellectual individuals.

Many people also say they like food. But food on its own is nothing special to me. However, when it becomes an experience like fine dining along with the right company, then that’s something I fully enjoy. On a random day, I love to play a good online game. Whether it’s GTA5, Call Of Duty or Fall Guys, I don’t really mind as long as I get to play with like-minded people and spend time with them. Something else that really provides me peace of mind, is art. Nothing is as calming as having a nice piece of art and being able to obverse it, whether it’s alone at home or with someone at the museum. Art is not only great to watch but also fun to make. I’m no Picasso or Damien Hirst, but I love to get creative and project my feelings into a piece of my own. When it’s not piece of mind I need but rather the opposite, I love to do some sport. Most of the time a good work-out in the gym is nice. What would be even better to release some stress is a few laps in a nice and powerful car. A good car is a like a combination of two different things I like. Its design can be like a piece of art. But under the hood, it’s top of the line technology.

And whether, it’s the newest engine, the next iPhone or new piece of software, I love to stay updated with all the technological trends, and even better experience them myself.

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